Country: Sweden

Company Description

  • A Swedish DRM-based music streaming service offering music from a range of major and independent record labels.
  • A standalone application for computers and an application for mobile devices.
  • Allows users to set up playlists and share them.
  • Users can register either for free accounts supported by visual and radio-style advertising or for paid subscriptions without ads and a range of extra features such as higher bitrate streams and offline access to music.
  • Have approximately 159 millions of monthly active users in 2017 (including 1 million paying members). As of January 2018, Spotify had 70 million paying subscribers worldwide, up from 30 million paying subscribers in March 2016.


  • 2006: Founded by the Swedish startup; Spotify AB.
  • 2008: Launched
  • 2009: After initially needing an invitation to use the service, they began offering free accounts to the public without an invitation
  • 2010: Announced two more types of accounts were available; Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Open. Gave each user a profile page and allowed users to connect to their friends on Facebook to share playlists and view friends' most listened to artists and tracks
  • 2011: Launched in the US
  • 2012: Launched in Germany, Australia and New Zealand
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