Country: Greece

Company Description

  • Akazoo is an on demand social streaming music service with various social features. The service has sealed partnerships with major and independent labels and its broad repertoire exceeds the 15million track pool. Users can subscribe for unlimited use of the service; additionally users have the option for a la carte purchases of high quality audio albums and tracks. The platform is entirely integrated with Facebook hence making the music experience more social and users can see what their friends are listening to in real time through the social activity feed. Users have the option to use their personal cloud based library and listen to their purchases in offline mode from any device. The service is accessible and optimized for the web, mobile devices, tablets and Smart TVs. The listening experience is supported from a state of the art browser embedded music player that supports up 320 Kbs audio streams. The online features and cloud properties form a unique user experience. The supported tariffs of the service include standard & premium tiers . Akazoo has established B2B relationships with major players in the market thus making the service accessible from various products and services such Samsung, Sony, and Telenor while helping drive customer retention and brand loyalty. A successfully proven course in B2B relationships with Akazoo consist of various co promotions and marketing alliances that included on pack promotions, in app installs to mobile devices and premium offerings to loyalty customers.
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