Country: United States

Company Description

  • The MN Open API provides rich functionality, easy integration, and rapid implementation of digital music content discovery, listening, and purchase. The API is a REST-based HTTP service built on top of MediaNet's highly-scalable content delivery platform.
  • MN Open handles complex music data tasks including licensing, royalty payments, reporting, encoding, and security.
  • All products have access to Media Net's catalogue of more than 58 Million tracks from all major and independent record labels (80,000+).
  • MediaNet has powered music and media delivery for brands of all sizes including Beats Music, Pulselocker, Songza, Uforia, HMV, Tesco, MOG, and more.
  • Main Office: Seattle, WA (USA).


  • Originally founded as MusicNet, for 15 years MediaNet has led the music industry by hosting the only global catalog of sound recordings connected directly to a complete database of rights, ownership, and songwriting splits. Their visionary B2B digital music platform provides powerful music delivery capabilities, robust publishing admin, and royalty payment administration without any third parties.
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