Country: Taiwan, Province Of China.

Company Description

  • The largest music subscription service in the greater China region, featuring over 1.5 million music tracks from the majors to local music labels and publishers. It is also the largest Chinese song database in the world.
  • Offer unlimited music streaming and download service which is accessible from PC, Smartphone and consumer electronics such as PC and Internet radio.
  • The service is available in Taiwan and Hong Kong where most of the popular pop-music stars and hit songs are produced and marketed.
  • Have over 7 million registered users and 300,000 premium service subscribers. With a single monthly subscription fee, subscribers can stream music online and cache songs on their PC and Smartphone for offline access.
  • Offers limited free streams per day to its non-paying members and uses a rich collection of editorials, exclusive artist interviews, entertainment news and community features to attract and keep free users attached to the service without paying excess copyright royalty.


  • 2005: Founded in Taiwan, the music capital of global Chinese
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