Both services upload your music to stores and give you 100% of your royalties but Zndrke is much less expensive.

TuneCore charges $49.99 per year per album. $29.99 for the first year.

Zndrke charges $34.90 per year and lets you upload unlimited songs and albums.

So, Zndrke is unlimited. TuneCore is per-album.

If you wanted to upload 3 albums, TuneCore would charge you $89.97 year-one, then $149.97/year forever. Zndrke would charge you only $34.90 per year. Zndrke is an even better deal if you want to upload a lot of singles (1-song albums). As a Zndrke member, subscribing our cheapest plan called “Single Challenge” ($9.90/yr) let you upload 1 songs per month, 12 songs per year.

So, here´s the facts… now it´s your turn to choose.

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